JC Nam

Postdoctoral Fellow @ UWaterloo

JC Nam

Assistant Professor
Intelligent Software Engineering Lab (ISEL)
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Handong Global University
Email: jcnam /at/ handong.edu
Office: OH311
Check my calendar for making an appointment (약속잡기): JC's Calendar Then, send me an email with an available slot you want to see me.

Visit ASE 2015!
Heterogeneous Defect Prediction (HDP) has been accepted for ESEC/FSE2015!
"CLAMI: Defect Prediction on Unlabeled Datasets" has been accepted for ASE2015!


I'm JC (Jaechang Nam, 남재창 in Korean, and 南載昌 in Chinese) and wokring as an assistant professor at the CSEE department, Handong Global University, Korea. I'm operating Intelligent Software Engineering Lab (ISEL) with excellent Handong students.


My research interests include:
  • Software Quality Prediction
  • Transfer Learning in Software Engineering
  • Mining Software Repository
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering in eHealth

Recent Publication

Image:new.gif Three papers (two short papers and one paper for the UG track) have been accepted for Korea Coference on Software Engineering (KCSE2019). These are the first achievements of ISEL by my undergraduate students.
Image:new.gif The extended version of an ICSE2016 paper, entitled "Deep Semantic Feature Learning for Software Defect Prediction," has been accepted for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).

See complete list of my publications.

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